About Patricia Cranwell

I have enjoyed being a Calgary real estate agent my entire adult life and have developed some pretty firm beliefs during my career. I completely believe owning real estate in Canada is the wisest purchase an individual can ever make for their retirement. Owning multiple properties is even wiser for a secure financial future! Call me to discover real estate advantages to building a portfolio of homes, to help secure your financial future.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you are the Client and the experience should be exciting, fun yet professional, as this may be the largest financial decision you may ever make. Most importantly my goal for you is to make the whole experience as stress-free as I can make it. Who needs more stress?

I believe your home is individual, probably unique with special advantages and has it’s very own Value ~ not just the same price your neighbour sold their house for! I believe each home has one buyer for sure and most likely plenty more than one buyer! How we choose to market the house to those potential buyers is the key factor! I believe each buyer can find their perfect home within their personal financial situation. Some buyers struggle to get through the complications of buying their first home and it is usually not their “dream home” but that doesn’t matter as it is a wise step towards their Dream Home!

I believe in listening to and understanding the needs of each Client before proceeding with a customized plan for reaching their goal. An experienced REALTOR® has learnt to listen closely to their clients! Even though the real estate experience should be a pleasant experience ~ it really is a serious and constantly evolving and sometimes complicated matter ~ so together we come up with the best plan and I go to work for you.

I aim to take the complicated and make it simple and easy for you. After all, I would love to represent you in your next purchase or have you refer me to the special others in your life! I look forward to speaking with you. Please contact me for any questions about buying or selling real estate!