We are Inglewood Residents and investors for the last few decades. Patricia helped made our first home purchase possible in 1997. We have worked with Patricia over the years on other real estate ventures and have always valued her knowledge and advice. There is no one other than Patricia that knows the Inglewood/Ramsay Real Estate Market.

We recently sold our last rental property with her team to a first time buyer within a very short period of time and are happy to welcome Inglewood's newest homeowner."

Casey Peterson and Tom Materi

WOW, that’s the only way to describe it!

I called Patricia in the summer (2020) to evaluate my home as we hadn’t decided whether to sell, or rent it out. She gave me a fair and honest evaluation. She also gave me some really good tips on what to do to make it more appealing to the public, and then told me to call when I was ready. I never felt pushed or manipulated in to putting it on the market at all. When we decided a few months later that we wanted to sell, we called her back. We met with her and her partner and she agreed that we had made the necessary changes for it to sell quickly…. And that it did. She had a plan, she put it in to action and it sold within a couple of days, with multiple offers!!! Patricia knows the area well, she has sold thousands of homes and we definitely have benefited from her experience. If you ever get the chance, or need to find a realtor that will fight for you and do what is best for your property…. Call Patricia Cranwell!! WOW!

You won’t be disappointed!!

Cheryl Ness Switzer -  Ramsay

When we were ready to list our house in Inglewood, Patricia’s name was in the forefront of our minds as the expert on real estate in our neighbourhood. Patricia coached my wife and me about the current market, when we first talked which may not have been an ideal time to sell. (March 2020). But with Patricia’s advice and reinforcement it became the best decision we ever made. We did list with her. Her personalized service sets Patricia apart and that, along with a deep commitment to supporting her client through all the nuances of selling a home in Inglewood allowed us to relax, and led into great confidence that things were always on track. All of the above resulted in our receiving an offer on our home and it was sold in a matter of days after listing. We will continue to endorse Patricia for her exceptional knowledge of property in the inner city, her commitment to the community of Inglewood, and her incomparable reliability.

Kathleen and Malcolm Stone

To anyone thinking of buying/selling real estate in the Inglewood/Ramsey areas I would like to give a heartfelt recommendation to the highly competent agent Patricia Cranwell.

Just a little history of my interactions with Patricia. In the early 90's I was dealt a divorce/custody situation. Through the process it became apparent that the matrimonial home would probably have to be sold. Of course this was during one of Calgary's infamous downturns leaving me in a position of losing much value in my investment. At this point I consulted 6 realtors. 6 were chomping at the bit for the commission....all willing to take advantage of a very distressed emotional situation. Patricia, to her detriment at the time, was the only one to highly recommend that I develop a plan to keep the house. She was instrumental in coming up with a financial scheme that enabled me to keep the family home to the great joy of my children. She has a wonderful sense of humor....sometimes irreverent but never malicious. Her honesty empathy and real estate knowledge are rare and unquestionable. She bought a degree of serenity to some of the largest decisions in my life with her substantial skills. I have had no hesitation in in recommending Patricia's counsel to any of my friends and relatives.

Steve Pacholok - Ramsay

When I decided to buy my first home, I knew I wanted to live in Inglewood or Ramsay. I decided to use Patricia as my realtor after seeing her advertised as the “Inglewood/Ramsay Specialist” and reading reviews on her webpage. I am so glad that I did – as a longtime resident and realtor in this small community she had decision-influencing information about many properties that I was so thankful to have. Learning about things like unexpected street flooding in certain areas and common “problems” in different styles of houses in the area (different things to watch out for, and what many buyers renovate in the homes they buy right off the bat – mainly what kind of work I should expect to put in when I buy), I was able to avoid mistakes. With hundreds of houses of experience in such a unique part of Calgary, Patricia helped me make this huge decision without an ounce of second guessing, concern, or hesitation. Of course, Patricia made sure the house was right for me, fit what I was looking for, as I think (hope) all realtors will do, but it was really this insider’s knowledge of the area that made Patricia indispensable and a must-have if you are looking to buy in the area.

Mike Ewanchyna - Stroud International

When I was ready to purchase my first house in 2010, Patricia Cranwell knew exactly where to find the perfect home for me in Inglewood. It was an effortless transaction with zero stress - so when it became necessary to sell the property this last summer of 2018, it was a no-brainer to enlist her services once again. Together with her partner Jason, she was able to provide us with the services required to list the property and finalize the transaction, and practical advice to sell quickly and seamlessly. We did the prep work and priced the home according to Patricia’s recommendations, and as a result, we had an accepted full-price offer the first day! What an awesome team! I cannot recommend these guys enough, and if I ever decide the time is right to purchase another home, I will definitely be going back to Patricia Cranwell for her real estate services.

Shelley Thurber

I recently asked Patricia Cranwell of Maxwell Realty in Calgary to be my realtor. While I was selling in an area Patricia knows extremely well (Ramsay), more important from the moment I wrote to her Patricia understood she was dealing with a client that was selling a home that had been in my family since it was built. Patricia was very upfront and honest (I needed to paint, other touch-ups and set a realistic price) and I did all of that because her honest and supportive guidance made it easy for me to do what I needed to sell my lovely home. Added to this I also had the support of Jason Ford, key player on Patricia’s team and within one week of listing my home with this incredible team it was sold. Here is the best part, I was able to sell my home at a price that I was satisfied with (a slightly less offer in a competing bid) but 1000% more emotionally satisfying than the higher offer. I sold it to a young couple whom I am told love it and for me, the thought of passing it on to another generation… that means everything. This is what Patricia and Jason understood, money of course was important but emotion was also key. Selling a part of your family history and something you’ve put decades of love into is not easy, finding the right buyers…. that was critical for me and there is no price tag on that.

None of this would have happened had I not had Patricia and Jason. I will always be grateful.

Leiana Tront

A friend of mind recommended Patricia to me and I in turn would not hesitate to recommend Patricia Cranwell to others, particularly those looking in Inglewood and Ramsay. I found Patricia to be experienced, knowledgeable and personable. Patricia always kept me up to date and filled me in on what was about to happen next. Patricia also gave me a few good business tips and some of the area’s history. This was my first house buying experience so I appreciated this. Patricia took very good care of me and I will be recommending her to others.

A satisfied client,
Betty Gish

Patricia came to us with decades of experience and wisdom in our community. Being a difficult market, she understood our position very clearly and worked with other realtors accordingly. We immediately got along. Yes, we did business together, but we also became great friends. Sad to have left Inglewood, but lucky we had the opportunity to spend a few years there. Patricia knows the area and is well connected, and this helped her in finding a buyer for our unique home. We both would definitely recommend Patricia and use her services again.

Dr. Christina Kerr 

& Joshua Penner 

Founder and General Manager 


As a first-time seller, Patricia Cranwell was an obvious choice. Her years of experience in my neighbourhood is second to none. She worked hard and went above & beyond expectations. Most of all, when panic set in, Patricia took the time to explain policies and procedures to assure me all was alright. If I decide to buy real estate again I'd contact Patricia, without hesitation.

Shelley Poulin

I have thought about my own experience and motivation to write a testimonial because I think that among so many real estate professionals I've met, you are unique and stand apart.  For the following reasons:

I became familiar with Ms. Cranwell's name through positive feedback from neighbours in Inglewood, and so when I needed advice about selling my own Inglewood home I contacted her and was provided excellent advice and service.  I soon came to know this expert as, simply, Patricia, as she coached me about the market when we  first talked -not an ideal time to sell.  With her encouragement I waited to sell my home a further two years as Calgary's market rebounded and a more profitable corner was turned.  Patricia could have listed my house, but she took the time to listen to me, my goals, and specific and unique financial outlook.....best decision I ever made.  This personalized service sets her apart and that, along with a deep commitment to supporting her client through all the ins and outs of selling a home allowed me to relax, and imparted great confidence that things were always on track.  I will continue to recommend Patricia for her expertise in the inner city, her commitment to the community of Inglewood, and her unprecedented integrity.  

Jennifer Beare  www.bearedentalhygiene.com

Patricia has been my realtor in Calgary for over 15 years. During that time she has shown me all that her love for her work entails. She is dynamic, fun, witty, but above all very professional. She is by far the one to go to for all your Calgary inner city real estate dealings. Totally knowledgeable, committed and in LOVE with Inglewood and Ramsay.
I highly recommend Patricia!!

Greg Gale - CAD process piping Designer

Patricia really knows the market in the Inglewood area of Calgary.  She is a brilliant realtor. 

She found us the house we were looking for and helped us negotiate a fair price.  We have used her services since, and not just in Calgary, but throughout various areas of Alberta and B.C.  She does incredible research for us, not only on the property we are looking at to acquire, but also in the local area's housing market.

Lorraine Walker - Partner at BDO Canada LLP

Patricia is THE expert on real estate in our neighbourhood.  When we were first looking for a house in Inglewood, Patricia was recommended to us as the realtor to call.  The recommendation was right.  She listened to what we wanted and found us exactly what we had in mind.  Soon we were ready to move up and she had just the place for us.  By this time we were friends and she knew exactly what to recommend.  She negotiated a price that we were more than happy with.  We then sold our old house through her and she got us more than we expected.  Patricia has been a great community booster and has become a good friend to my wife & I.

Chuck Rose - Mr. Harmony - Laughter and Music to harmonize your team

I would highly recommend Patricia as a top notch realtor.  We have many mutual clients and they all speak very highly of Patricia for the thorough and professional way the sales are done.  

Brenda Weisenburger -  Insurance Broker at C.J.Cambell Insurance Ltd.

Wow, Patricia comes highly recommended for her pure business sense. Not only can she find the house one desires Patricia can help you build a substantial income or live for free...whether a person wants to have a portfolio of real estate or just a home, she will take care of you and your family all the way. Patricia has contacts in every field in the industry. Helping you buy or sell a home comes naturally to her. I believe because it’s her love of helping people to get ahead and look at owning a property with a different view, like an investment. Representing Inglewood and Ramsay for her whole career, I'll bet there isn’t a home or business she has NOT been in. I'll say it again -  I would highly recommend Patricia Cranwell  for the first time buyer or the investor. She'll get the job done with diligence!

Beverly Van Aalst -  Owner Exclusive Courier Service  

Patricia is not only the most knowledgeable real estate person I have ever worked with, but her friendly, warm and personable personality make for someone who I will hire over and over and again!

Vanessa Waddington – Manager at Reflections of The Past 

It was more than a pleasure working with Patricia on my real estate needs. I interviewed several agents before I felt comfortable choosing one. Patricia is a leader in her field and she was the obvious choice. I have enjoyed the evolution of our professional relationship and I would recommend Patricia without a second thought. Her expertise in Ramsay and Inglewood are bar none!  

Natasha Hebert - Finance

In June of this year, I began a project of finding a revenue home in inner city Calgary, and in particular the area of Inglewood. I chose this area because of its close proximity to the heart of the city. Also, Inglewood is close to East Village, a giant development project in the works across the Elbow River. Having lived in Vancouver the past four years it became clear to me the importance value of owning inner city property. Vancouver's inner city home prices have skyrocketed in the past decades and Calgary prices will do the same. I called my realtor of 25 plus years, Patricia Cranwell, and told her of my plans. Patricia was enthusiastic about the idea which gave me more confidence to pursue my goal. I was very clear to her that I was only interested in property in Inglewood, because of its close proximity to downtown and the river pathways. I am very familiar with this inner city neighborhood because I lived in Inglewood for many years. Armed with that information, Patricia set about finding me an amazing property within my price range. I felt truly grateful she was able to find me an older home located one block from the river pathways and approximately five blocks to the bridge going into Fort Calgary. What a find!! Buying revenue homes can be very stressful in terms of arranging financing, home inspection, insurance etc.. and sometime there can be huge obstacles in the way. I was so impressed at how helpful and knowledgeable Patrica was during the whole process. Her helpfulness on many aspects of the transactions were beyond the call of duty. From finding us tradespeople to insurance companies and a lawyer she did her best to assist a client trying to put a transaction together from out of province. When the keys were handed over and we were left with the “ digging in” part of renovations and replacements of applicances, Patricia did not leave, she sat on the deck in the back yard and dug out numerous numbers for tradespeople and contacts for various needs. Another helpful tip was pointing out local restaurants, business’s and coffee shops in the area. Although I felt overwhelmed at times, I was touched by the way Patricia continued to assist me . Sometimes moral support is so important to help sustain ourselves and stay on track with whatever project we are doing and a bonus when coming from a professional. Yes, Patricia has sold me several houses over the years but none for the past twelve years as I have lived out of Province. I appreciate finding a good realtor, one who has your best interests at heart and listens to your needs, one who knows your low sides and when you will need reassuring. I never appreciated all the small helpful things Patricia has done as a realtor until this recent purchase. Perhaps dealing with other realtors while out of the province enlightened me. My biggest regret is not listening to Patricia 100 percent. When I drive around Inglewood and see the many houses Patricia suggested for purchase, I truly regret not being more adventurous. My partner and I have had many conversations in and about Inglewood with Patricia and one thing is very clear, her vision and predictions for the future of neighborhood are “right on the money”. Thanks for being a wonderful realtor and mentor. I am grateful we became friends.

Russ Reamon, Antique Dealer